Make your living spaces beautiful and unique to you!

The furniture around your house should come together flawlessly to become your 'home.' No two things are the same. One of the priceless benefits of Thomas James Woodworks is his sense of knowing how to decorate a space, and having the eye to make your living spaces beautiful and unique to you.

Kitchen & Bath Projects

All our remodeling projects benefit from Thomas Bergin’s artistic background. Clients appreciate that he asks the right questions to get the answers that help us transform their surroundings in ways that best reflect their personalities, in addition to making spaces more beautiful and increase functionality.

Bathroom remodels often include custom-made cabinets to make better use of existing space. We work closely with our clients to discuss the many options for ceilings, walls, flooring, and window treatments and how these choices impact the mood that they want the room to create.

We custom-build kitchen cabinets that are more unique, are created with more expertise, and are constructed of better quality materials than many of those purchased already assembled. This allows the cabinetry to be more closely aligned with the preferences of our clients and to optimize the use of available space. Some clients ask us to create workspace islands. This is a particularly good choice for those that enjoy inviting others into the kitchen to help create memorable meals. We ask clients how often they eat family meals together, where and how often they entertain, what kind of kitchen atmosphere they hope to create, and what type of emotions they want to evoke, all of which impact kitchen design.


Flooring issues an invitation to enter a room and pulls together all of a space’s design elements. Flooring can make its own statement, but usually it’s an undertone, not calling too much attention to itself. We help our clients make flooring decisions, use the best quality materials available, and install it skillfully.

Custom Trim

Custom trims offer decorative qualities that enhance spaces, and they are an easy way to make a statement, whether subtle or bold. For some clients, custom trims are one component of redesigning and redefining living spaces. Other clients just ask us to install custom trims to add to a room’s beauty and ambience. Chair rails, wainscoting, and crown molding are just a few examples of the many types of custom trims we install.

Construction Misc.

Our versatility is one of our strengths. Thomas James Woodworks can add or remodel a room, a garage, or a deck. We work with clients to repair damage to their homes, adding value to one of their most significant assets.