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Thomas James Woodworks provides American Made, Hand Crafted furniture that will stand though time in design and craftsmanship. We specialize in not just building objects but building spaces and environments in all of our clients homes. Building furniture and cabinetry with a focus on how it affects ones being and space has been our desire from the beginning. We at Thomas James Woodworks look forward to providing our craftsmanship to you and your home. 

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Thomas James Woodworks is focused on the beauty of the hardwoods we use in our furniture and take time to choice the best presenting grain, color, and figure each board providers. Although the designs are similar, the wood used in each piece of furniture is very unique to that piece and may not be able to be duplicated. This makes each piece we build special and rare. The nature of building individual pieces of furniture and not mass produced will also lead to lower quantities to choose from. So if you see something you like make sure to buy it before its gone, you may not get another opportunity to buy one like that again.

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The LifeBox is a handcrafted heirloom piece furniture to be passed down from generation to generation with attention on design, function, and craftsmanship. A LifeBox is a piece of art to displayed in any room. It will enhance the beauty of your living space and encourage communication between loved ones through the Life Journal it hosts.

The importance of having the LifeBox in your living space is that it gives a constant reminder to use the Life Journal inside of it.  A Life Journal is a treasure to be used with another loved one or oneself. Life Journals are a simple record of whatever you want it to be. There are several broad types of life journals: historical record of day to day events, a memory book of a specific event, a working document for the writers reflections on life, or the journaling between two people for the purpose of building  stronger relationships.

I use my LifeBox and Life Journal to share with my children. Each child knows that the LifeBox in our living room has the journal that we both write back and forth with and having the LifeBox in the open reminds us and encourages us to use it. There are things I want to share with them that are easier to write then saying sometimes and the journaling allows me to communicate this with them. There are other times I can verbally communicate with them but I also write it in the Life Journal to have it documented for a future time. That way my children can read the journal entry and potentially be a very important passage that gets them through a difficult time. It can also have some good old fashion Dad Jokes, although I think they are more funny then they do!  I also journal with them to build a dialog with them that can and will continue to be with them even after I may not be around anymore.  

The LifeBox is very important to me and my family because it is an easy way to communicate in our busy lives. I came up with this idea for the purpose to be shared between Parents and Children, Grandparents and Grandchildren, Spouses, and or Individuals. A LifeBox keeps the relationships active through protecting and reminding us to use the Life Journal that it keeps. Enjoy your new beautifully heirloom crafted LifeBox and the Life Journal inside. It just may change your world!

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If you do not see a LifeBox that does not fits your style contact Us to reserve the right to be placed on a waiting list to choice from the next batch before they are listed to the public. If your desire and needs are for a custom made and designed LifeBox that we design specifically for you, please contact Us and we will be happy to work with you to accomplish your needs.